Hiking in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria offers a dense network of rather well-signposted paths; we took a cue from the site of the Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria. To do this you need at least four days, we had three and we adapted the itinerary. It is useful to have a gpx with you to choose the right route. Public transport is available on public holidays with a few (one or two) rides a day, more midweek.

The natural environment is very varied, in a few kilometers you cross beautiful and completely different landscapes. It was hot in February, so it seems to me that autumn and winter are the most suitable periods – in summer the heat is probably excessive except in the central section which reaches 1700m altitude.

The paths are always good, there are stretches of mountain where you need to get used to the exposure and to walk in harsh environments. To sum up, an experience to be planned with a little care but very rewarding.

Do you need the GPX of the itinerary? Contact hikebike.it

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